Pretty Ugly

If YouTube is a mirror of society, what is being reflected?

About the artist (me)

I am a London based live artist and researcher making work which spans the live and the recorded, with incarnations in performance, video and photography. My work always springs first from a place of vulnerability, honesty and risk, and second from the idea of a chance encounter with a stranger. I am preoccupied with liveness, failure, awkwardness and my own doomed sense of femininity, which I feel imposes cultural limitations on myself and my work. I enjoy playing with these perceived limitations, and stereotypical notions of the feminine in popular culture. More precisely, recently this interest had led me to work with masochism and the internet in interactive performance, as I am intrigued by the way that social media and recent technological advances have changed the way we relate to ourselves and each other, and what this means for ‘femininity’ and feminism today.

You can find out much more about me and my work here:

If you would like to discuss any part of this project please email me at:

Pretty Ugly (the show) will be having its London premiere at Camden People’s Theatre (London) in October.  Inspired by the show, Camden People’s Theatre have programmed a whole festival of feminist work and thinking around the show. You can find out more about it here.


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