Pretty Ugly

If YouTube is a mirror of society, what is being reflected?

‘I am…’

What does it mean to say ‘I am…’?

The ‘I am’ of these statements works against the relentless questioning ‘Am I… Am I…?’ of the YouTube videos in question.

‘I am…’ seeks to become a new trend in videos, a new meme to be stumbled upon on YouTube. One that sends a positive message into cyber space, one that affirms and renews.

The ‘I am…’ series will be released very soon…

In the meantime I am asking YOU to join in the campaign- please send me your own ‘I AM’ statement (whether video/image) to to be added to the archive. The campaign has already been featured in the press all over the world, such as in Huff Post UK and UpWorthy, but will launch in the new year.


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