Pretty Ugly

If YouTube is a mirror of society, what is being reflected?

Pretty Ugly in the Press

The Pretty Ugly Project has been hitting the headlines recently! Have a look about what people have been saying about it below:


Louise Orwin on Woman’s Hour

Louise Orwin on Homolab Podcast


Pop Trigger cover and debate the project and its issues

Fusion TV (ABC) cover the project and interview Louise Orwin

NBC NEWS (US) Coming soon…

My debut on German TV coming soon…

Written and Online Press

An article that Louise Orwin (me!) wrote for The Independent (UK)

Wired UK interview with Louise Orwin

New York Times cover the project (US)

Telegraph article about the project

Daily Mail coverage of the project

Louise’s project gets a mention in The Guardian

Huffington Post UK article on Louise and the project

Buzzfeed interview with Louise Orwin

Hannah Betts (Telegraph Online) on the project

Carole Woddis on Pretty Ugly and recent feminist theatre

NYMAG article on the project

UpWorthy mention the project

Pretty Ugly in Teen Vogue (US)

Pretty Ugly and interview with Louise Orwin in the Suddeutsche Zeitung (DE)

Interview with Louise Orwin in El Pais (SP)

Pretty Ugly in Ara (Spanish Newspaper)

NDTV cover the project (India)

Pretty Ugly in Bust Magazine

Pretty Ugly in Generation Next

iVillage cover the project

StyleBlazer coverage

Hello Giggles (Zooey Deschanel’s side project) discusses the project

Stuff (NZ) discuss the project

Louise Orwin interview with MediaSavvyGirls blog

The Daily Dot coverage (and interesting commentary on male version of trend)

Canada Daily Buzz (Yahoo News) article

Bustle Magazine (US) cover the project

Slate Magazine  (US) cover Pretty Ugly– with some great commentary from Katy Waldman

The Sunday Circle on Pretty Ugly

Total on the project

French magazine Gentside on the project (FR)

El Confidencial cover Pretty Ugly (SP)

Refinery29 on the project

Pretty Ugly hits Polish Press

Vida Y Estilo on the project (SP)

The Daily Cougar on Pretty Ugly

ECanada Now coverage 

Peruvian article on the project

Pretty Ugly in Tarnish Magazine

Pretty Ugly in Spanish Press

Pretty Ugly in Giornialetissimo (IT)

The Project in the Latin Post

The Project in Sin Mordaza (ARG)

Pretty Ugly  in Norwegian Press

Pretty Ugly in Polish Press

Los Andes coverage (Peru)

Bristol Writers Response to Show (UK)

The Stay at Home Feminist on the trend and project



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