Pretty Ugly

If YouTube is a mirror of society, what is being reflected?


Alongside touring the show I will be doing workshops with teenagers all over the country.

The Pretty Ugly Workshop is a fun and dynamic issue-based workshop for teenagers (14-18 guidance), which can accompany the show on tour. The workshop uses games, discussion, debate, devising, and arts and crafts to help participants think through the issues of the project. Broadly it covers:

– cyberbullying

– body-image and self-esteem

– thinking responsibly about how we use the internet and social media

– thinking thorugh the differences between ourselves online and offline

– feminism and the media

The workshop can run for a half or full day, and content is flexible and can adapt to the needs of the group.

Created with the supervision of Camden Council, the workshop is aimed at 13-18 year old girls, and particularly those who have been subject of online abuse or have experienced with online platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. It is our intention to work with these girls in order to allow them to understand the psychological and social dangers of broadcasting themselves online, without preaching or enforcing our message onto them. The workshop does this by creating a series of fun and creative activities, in a safe space, that will provoke them into questioning and understanding the use of online platforms and gaining confidence in themselves and their online personas.



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